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DWT Surfskate Help Center

  • Why should you consider to buy DWT surfskate?
    Passion - We are surfskaters ourselves and we pride our equipment and product we produce. Track Record - We have produced and sold hundreds of boards. We grew from 1 skate shop to 10 distributors which includes some of the biggest skatepark in Bali and growing. Local Retail Presence - We do not distribute our products online. We strongly encourage our customers to visit our retailers. We have probably the widest coverage of stores across the island. 10 shops and growing. Local established stores trust and work with us. Customer Service - We work with our retailers and partners to equip them with sufficient knowledge of our product in turn they can advice any customers with different needs. We also believe in customer feedback to help us improve our products overtime. Parts and Equipment Servicing - As we are a local bali surfskate brand, we always have parts available to rectify any faulty equipment due to wear and tear or any other reasons. Affordability - We believe that our products are competitively priced as compared to the market. We want to make surf skating available to the mass and anyone. We want to inspire kids in bali and across Indonesia to be the next Rio Waida.
  • What board is more suitable for me?
    Do check out our Board Guide section. It should help narrow down your selection. If you are still in doubt do feel free to contact us.
  • How is other surfskate brands compared?
    Every brand has it's pros and cons. It depends on your personal needs and what you are looking for. DWT position ourselves to be Affordable without losing the focus of quality. We also provide our warranty and service as we realise and had listen from the community some find it very hard to get hold of replacement parts etc. It is a surfskate which is like a skateboard, some parts wear and tear is very common. DWT surfskate do keep inventory of our parts and is always ready to service our clients and customers.
  • Where did surfskate originate from?
    Surfskate History (Dogtowns & Z-boys) In the mid 70s in Santa Monica, skateboarding had evolved with a group of surfers which started to do tricks with surf style hands on the ground and later this group Z-boys founded vertical skating which became known as vert and bowl skating today. In this same town Venice, surfskate was born with a new invention of trucks which allow skaters to carve more to feel more like surfing on water. They created dual axis trucks which allows you to increase the turn radius with a spring load mechanism that centers off. A Surfskate is a skateboard born to surf the street so basically is a surf skateboard. Surfskate has different system trucks that allows very tight turns and some would have a spring system to help generate kinetic energy and by carving (turn) the board which allows skaters to go on forever without having to take a foot off and push the board like skateboard. Because of how the truck is designed to turn, it allows very tight turns and typical surfing maneuvers.
  • Why DWT surfskate do not sell online direct?
    Product knowledge - At a local shop, they know the products, they know how the difference and they know the industry. If you buy it online they might sell you the wrong size board or a board is above your experience and ability. They might even have the setup totally wrong for the start. Local Events & Community - We all are doing a sport and definitely all are looking to progress in their own pace and some might be more competitive. Local surfskate shop will be able to tell you where events will be happening and connect you the group that have the same interest as you or even coaches. Giving Back - Our local shops gives back to community in some way or another by sponsoring competitions and events. They impact lives of the future generation to stay focus in sports than other bad influences. Some of these shops sponsors athletes and all this do count to help local bali talents to progress alone the way in their sporting life. Servicing - Our local bali surfskate shops will have the knowledge to fix your equipment issues if any or help order parts for your problem. If you were to buy from some unknown online stalls that do not have any retail shops, very likely it is going to be hard to reach them when there is an issue in their product. DWT surfskate is a strong believer in giving back to the local business and community hence we work with local retailers all across Bali.
  • How can surfskate improve surfing?
    Surfing required multiple techniques combined with knowledge. Weather and wave conditions also plays an important factor of a good surf session. There are days where waves can be flat, too big or inconsistent. Such factor could lead to a complete time wasted. Alternatively, surfskate still allows you to replicated similar postures and turning on land. Surfskating does not require and waves or ramp to practise and can be done almost anywhere. It is a surf trainer that helps an assist surfers to develop on land. No paddling required. It helps surfers to improve on Better Balance Correct Posture Correct Stance Better board control sense In Bali although we have constantly good waves most time of the year, it can be tiring to head out to the beach in the morning and evening. DWT surfskate is a bali based company that allows you to continue carving at the comfort of your home even at skatepark when it is late. Practise makes perfect, DWT aim to be the leading surfskate brand in bali, an alternative surf trainer.
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