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Rider Sponsorship

The goal of the Rider Sponsorship program is to promote a  surfskate community while pushing the boundaries of what can be done on a surfskate.


To accomplish this we enlist the help of super talented riders (surfing or surfskate) who challenge themselves, inspire others and have a good time. We would love to sponsor every person out there and, but neither of these things can happen.


The reality is that it's really hard to get sponsored, but we do encourage you to send us your sponsorship requests , and footy. We get many sponsorship requests every day, so don't hate us if we drop the ball and don't get back to you. However, we do promise to check out every submission.

Practice makes perfect, share with us your latest achievement in competition. Tag us (dwtsurfskate.bali) on instagram with your latest trick in surfing or surfskate or even achievements we might change our mind. Remember to aim high and continue to impress us to earn a spot on our team.

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