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Surfskate Guide
What board size should i get?
Dwt surfskate selection guide

The table serves as a guideline for the selection of a surfskate. There is no right or wrong but general rule of thumb is shorter boards for your stance are more snappy and less unstable. Longer boards are more stable but harder to slide. Please also do note that wheels to play a part in performance of the ride. Hence we will always advice our customers what are they getting the board for?


You should always check if the length of the board still suits with your normal stance, ideally you are able to position your feet above the rear truck and slightly behind the front truck.

Surfskate Stance

Rider Stability

Surfskate deck is very much like surfing. When you just starting out all instructors will put you on a longboard before your progress to a shorter board. Why is this so? The longer the board the more surface area you can play in terms of balancing of your body weight. Which compensates to errors of balance.


The shorter the deck the smaller the surface area you have to balance your body weight.

Riding stance

Everyone's riding stance is different depends on what is really comfortable for you however your legs should not be narrower than your arm's width.


Most riders eventually would be riding with their knees slightly bend forward so that when you look down towards your toes, you will not be able to see your feet. This helps lower your center of gravity and adds stability to your riding

Your Weight and Height Consideration


Length & Wheelbase - The wheelbase is measured between the center points of the front and back truck holes closer to the middle of the deck. If we measure the wheelbase from edge of the hole, The larger wheelbases makes the board more stable.


You have no experience with longboards, skateboards or surfskates? That's no problem!


All it takes is a little practice you will learn to pump and carve skateboard turns quite fast. No matter your age as long as you are capable to rotate your feet, you can surfskate.


As a beginner you feel more comfortable on a stable board. Therefore, we recommend a longer and wider board with a larger wheelbase (but not too wide for kids as it will be harder for them to pivot the board).


We would also recommend starting off on DWT RKP trucks, they are less sensitive and wobbly hence will be better to build the confidence of beginners who have totally no board sports experience.


You already have surfskate or surfing, snowboard, skateboard experience. The next goal is to master front side and back side turns.


It is recommended to get a board that is not too long for your stance to practise these manoeuvres.


Rule of thumb: Shorter boards allows you to make tighter turns and longer boards turn is wider.


Recommended trucks: DWT Thruster as the dual axis rotation allows you to perform much tighter turns as compared to the DWT RKP without sliding.


Lastly if you are already a master in front side turns, backside turns and sliding around the last part you might consider to explore are wheels


You will start to learn how the size of the wheel, contact patch and hardness of the wheel makes a difference in your riding. Very similar to fins to surfing.


Rule of thumb: Wheels are all about grip. The more grip means it will take more effort to slide however it give your more control and power if you are mainly riding a bowl.


Softer compound means more grip and bigger wheel contact patch means more grip.


The height / bigger the wheel diameter is the less stable the ride it is going to be.


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