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Warranty Policy

DWT Surfskate Warranty Coverage

DWT Surfskate Warranty is valid for 12 months in Bali (Denpasar. Indonesia) from date of purchase. Warranty is only in force once the registration form has been filled up accordingly. Please make sure you keep your receipt.


DWT will be also providing 1 time free maintenance within the period of 12 months.

What will we do during maintenance?

  1. Grease of thruster bearings

  2. Cleaning and lubricating of wheel bearings

  3. Checking of pivot cups and bushings

Please note that we will not replace any wear and tear parts unless instructed and the cost of replacement will not be covered in this warranty. 

If DWT decks are well maintained and the DWT Thruster well lubricated, the surfskate will last well beyond the warranty period of 12 months


In case of a genuine DWT surfskate warranty, only defective components will be repaired. In special circumstances, the component will be replaced. Under no circumstances will the whole complete DWT surfskate board be replaced.

If your item is not covered by warranty we will issue you with a quote via email following assessment.

What is not covered under the DWT warranty?

General wear and tear from use:

  • Dents and scratches to the deck, trucks, or wheels

  • Worn grip tape & air bubbles

  • Wheels that have worn down from use

  • The rubber on trucks

  • Over tightening of Thruster nut and damaging the thrust bearings

Damage from direct impact:

  • DWT Surfskate is a surf trainer not a trick skateboard. It is not designed for direct impact to rails, concrete, curbs, walls, ramps or any other structure. If you regularly ride skate bowls and want to protect your DWT surfskate deck, it is recommended to purchase nose or tail deck protectors.

  • Any delimitation or splitting of the wood layers or glue.

Shipping costs for warranty items

It is the responsibility of customers to pay for all shipping and handling costs when returning items to DWT Surfskate's Retailers for warranty inspection.

Instructions for processing a warranty claim

1) Keep your original receipt make sure it can verify your purchase and date.

2) Bring your DWT surfskate back to the retailer you bought from. 

3) Share your concerns or problems

4) Once retailer have verified that damages are covered within warranty 

5) Leave your equipment with the retailer along with your contact number

6) Allow us 7 working days to get back and repair the damages

Request for Quote

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